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Kejamnya Binatang Kecil Tak Kenal Ampun

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5 Stories Successful SME Entrepreneurs to Start a Business from Zero to Hero

In this world there are two kinds of entrepreneurs. The first, those who have inherited the business from their parents. Secondly, those who start a business from zero to hero.
The first class of entrepreneurs are lucky because just continue the efforts that have been pioneered parents. In contrast to the second class of entrepreneurs, who must feel the struggle to open a business from the ground?
To realize the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, they build small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with optimism and unyielding spirit. The struggle begins with seeking capital. Bank which provides loans for pioneering efforts became one of the parties that contributed to their success.
Here are five stories of successful SMEs, which can be an inspiration to us all:
1. Bob Sadino
The late Bambang Mustari Sadino alias Bob Sadino is one example of a successful entrepreneur who previously helter-skelter when starting a business. Could be a company employee status of state-owned enterprises for 9 years, Bob decided to get out of that job and become an entrepreneur.
But it did not immediately successful. Car rental business is practiced stagnate. He was involved in an accident when a car chauffeuring Mercedes-Benz which he leased, so that the business could not continue.
Bob went on to become a construction worker with a daily wage. But when he saw the other business niches: the chicken farm. Finally, with a capital loan from neighbors who are retired military personnel who are interested in the livestock business, Bob started a business to trade foreign eggs.
Bob's own market eggs from house to house expatriates around his residence in Kemang, South Jakarta. Finally, thanks to his tenacity, his business success and he set Kem Chicks, famous supermarket that sells a variety of agricultural and livestock products.
2. Gibran Rakabuming
Rakabuming Gibran name skyrocketed after his father, Joko Widodo, became Governor of Jakarta and then President of Indonesia. Jokowi is a furniture businessman, but Gibran did not want to bum the business. He instead insisted establish their own business in the field of catering and wedding organizer.
However, their intransigence sweet fruit. He started his business by seeking a loan from the bank, because his father wanted him to be independent. Of the seven proposals requests sent to the bank, only one is translucent.
Of the capital that he built Chili Pari. At first she just orders in small quantities. But then he began to handle a large order with the number of guests up to thousands of people.
When his father served as mayor of Solo, he will not receive orders from the local authorities for fear considered flirting. Now, after his father moved to Jakarta as president, Gibran more freely doing business increases.
3. Susi Pudjiastuti
Madame Secretary, Susi Pudjiastuti, posed through the window of his plane.
Susi Pudjiastuti is eccentric entrepreneur and firm. Success business starting from zero in the field of fisheries and aviation makes deemed unfit Minister of Marine and Fisheries in the era of government-Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla.
Susi just pocketed a junior high school diploma because of drop out in high school. He prefers to do business as a merchant wholesalers of fish in Pangandaran than school. Jewelery she sells to capitalize the business.
Susi flourishing fishing business from year to year. Finally, by borrowing from banks, he bought a plane to facilitate the transport of marine products. Then he adds one by one aircraft and establish an airline Susi Air which serves chartered and the route in the interior.
4. Sunny Kamengmau
Sunny Kamengmau successfully create Robita bags are popular in Japan.
Sunny Kamengmau is the man from East Nusa Tenggara who successfully create and market Robita brand bags. These bags are very popular in Japan, even among the upper class socialites there.
Sunny never graduated from high school. Capitalized desperation, he went to Bali to be a janitor at a hotel. Because the performance is good, he was promoted to the guard.
During his work at the hotel, he diligently studied English and Japanese. Even her first salary set aside in part to buy a foreign language dictionary.
His work in the hotel and then matching that with a Japanese businessman who asked to supply leather bags to the Land of the Rising Sun '. But her efforts were not successful thatsuddenly. In fact, he had nearly lost all tailor the bag for his efforts do not forward.
Slowly but surely, he was strengthening his efforts to be able to recruit 100 employees. Her bag is very popular among the jet set in Japan. Not only in Japan, Sunny also targeting the market leader in Indonesia quality bags.
5. Reza Nurhilman
Reza, a young and successful entrepreneur with his chips maicih
Reza Nurhilman is the youth behind the popularity of "chips devil" Maicih. Thinking out of the box, Reza started business super spicy cassava chips alone at the age of 23 years. He established SMEs, by cooperating with local producers in Bandung chips.
Capitalized initial USD 15 million, Reza markets its products through word of mouth and take advantage of social networking site Twitter. She then apply the pattern of the agency calls "general" to be able to reach consumers.
Maicih success even inspire others to make similar products. Anyone taking cassava as raw material. Some are taking other material to be used as chips, such as potatoes.
Amazing, businessman spicy chips-chips were on average younger, and successful. Perhaps they were inspired creativity in marketing Reza Maicih up out of the city.
That's a 5 story successful businessman who started a business from scratch. Yes, to the lack of capital is a problem for them, but they were able to overcome that problem by road respectively. You ready to join this successful group of SME entrepreneurs? Or still constrained by capital?

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Cigarette prices in Indonesia rose to 50,000

The issue of price hike of cigarettes rose to 50 thousand Facebook continues to roll.50,000 price that comes from the research of Professor Hasbullah Thabrany.The Head of economic studies center of health policy and public health faculty of the University of Indonesia,conduct research based on survey results were released in July 2016.Based on the results of the survey the price of cigarettes is ideal for preventing students and poor people smoke is Rp50,000 per pack.According to Professor Hasbullah Indonesia is the world champion in the highest smokers.Data collection was conducted from December 2015 through to 1000 the number of respondents.The results, 82 percent of respondents agreed price of cigarettes raised.Even,72 percent of respondents agreed price of cigarettes was raised to over 50 thousand, to prevent students smoke.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Despite Higher Prices, Stay Gold Still Hunted

The soaring price of gold that did not dampen the desire of people to continue hunting him as a place of investment. Though the price of 24 carat gold has now reached about Rp 420 thousand per gram.
One gold trader in the market Pondok Labu, Doddy Setiawan said, gold prices are now up and down, but he expects that price will get jumped.
"In the future will continue to rise, depending ekonomilah," he told detikFinance when met at his store, Jakarta, Saturday (06/04/2011).
Gold prices also, Doddy said, can change over time, not just daily, even the rise and fall of the price of gold can occur within hours.
"Market per hour, now the difference later in the afternoon is different," he said.
Doddy said the current gold price is a decline, but the decline that occurred not too large, only about Rp 10,000 per gram for each type and grade of gold.

"In yesterday's the difference only the range of USD 10 thousand more expensive," he said.
From the observation detikFinance, there are 3people who buy gold buyers in the store Doddy. In addition, about 4 people come to Doddy shop just to see and ask prices. On the other gold shops in the Market Pondok Labu also many people who are buying gold.
The high price of gold is believed to Doddy also encourage people to sell gold and reap the benefits of investment. From the recognition Doddy, banyal people who sell gold to meet the needs of everyday life. There also are selling gold to continue to remember their child's education will soon be entering the new school year.
"There must be selling gold in a day, so usually there is one. Selling gold until someone USD 5 million is also available. It was never until there are 5 letters. Want to make money for the house, just going to college he said," Doddy said.
As is known, won gold jewelry inflation in May 2011. The increase in world gold prices continue to trigger an increase in the price of gold jewelry and this triggered the inflation rate despite the small weight compared to basic foodstuffs.